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Alex began music studies by 8 years old, starting on the piano for a few years before switching to the guitar under the direction of Benjamin E. New. He met Kaleb Magnusson as his high school guitar instructor where he became inspired to pursue music, particularly jazz and classical guitar. Mr. Mitchum earned a B.S. in Jazz Studies from Rowan University where he studied classical guitar under the mentorship of former Professor Joseph Mayes, and jazz guitar under the late Tom Giacabetti, and Professor Brian Betz, with whom he currently collaborates with. Along with Mr. Betz, Alex has had the opportunity to perform with Mary Wilson of "The Supremes", as well as other Rowan University faculty such as Dr. Laurin Plant, and Ms. Maryann Steiber. Alex continues to perform in venues, musicals, and work on his craft residing in his hometown of Cape May, NJ and is planning on producing a few records in the near future. Stay Tuned!

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